Retro Mode – Icon Pack (Neon) APK (Latest Version) v1.6.1

App NameRetro Mode – Icon Pack (Neon)
PublisherMoertel Pixel Art
UpdateMarch 30, 2023 (3 days ago)
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Retro Mode – Icon Pack (Neon) is an impressive package that includes 2222 unique icons, 6 wallpapers, and 6 widgets. The pack supports over 20 different launchers and is updated monthly with new icons and features. Users can request missing icons within the app, and five free requests are included, which will be pixelled based on popularity.

In-app premium requests are also available, which are guaranteed to be included in the next month’s update.The pack features a crisp pixel art design in neon colors, with no shadows or outlines.

Users can choose from eight different widget colors and combine them into gradients if they so desire. Text in widgets is fully configurable, with up to 500 characters, and there are eight placeholders available to choose from.

Users of Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel, and Xiaomi phones will need to install one of the supported launchers, as their stock launcher does not support third-party icon packs. Nova launcher is recommended and is free to use.

The icon pack’s creator draws all icons pixel by pixel on a tiny 20×20 pixel canvas, ensuring they look amazing and crisp on the user’s homescreen or app drawer. The pack is designed to be cute and readable, making it enjoyable to look at.

If you have any questions about whether you can use the icon pack, you can send an email to the publisher. Additional icon requests can also be purchased within the app, with packages ranging from 1 to 20 icons. Overall, Retro Mode – Icon Pack (Neon) is a high-quality and feature-rich package that is sure to impress users who want a stylish and customizable home screen.

 Download (8M)

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