Home Theater VR v1.3.7.1 [Unlocked] APK Free Download


Home Theater VR is an advanced virtual reality video player and PC streamer designed to be compatible with nearly every Android phone and headset Home Theater VR v1.3.7.1 [Unlocked] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full APK of Home Theater VR v1.3.7.1 [Unlocked].

Overview & Features of Home Theater VR v1.3.7.1 [Unlocked]

Before you download Home Theater VR v1.3.7.1 [Unlocked] APK, You can read a brief overview and features list below.

Overview: Home Theater VR is an advanced virtual reality video player and PC streamer designed to be compatible with nearly every Android phone and headset

Note: This is a paid app but you can evaluate it in trial mode for as long as you want before purchasing.

A Unique VR Theater Experience
Home Theater VR is unlike any VR player you’ve used before. It was designed to be different and to offer unmatched flexibility and features.
You have the ability to control everything about the app from inside the app without being dependent on any external VR services. It doesn’t require that your phone is compatible with Cardboard Daydream GearVR or anything else. All adjustments including IPD are handled using the built-in settings.

Video Sources
• Local Files – Stored on your phone or memory card. Use the in-app file browser or use “open with” from other file browsers.
• Web Streams – Online streaming sites such as Youtube Vimeo Facebook etc.
• Http Video Streams – Streams from VLC FFMPEG or other video streaming software. A companion app called “Stream Helper” is provided for PC which uses VLC to stream video files or your Windows desktop.
• PC Monitor Mode – Mirror your PC monitor in VR. Useful for gaming web browsing reading or anything else you do with your PC. A companion app called “HTVR PC Streamer” is provided which offers a simple one-click connection while also giving you full control of the stream quality.

Note: PC Monitor streaming works on Windows 10 and 8 only. There are 2 stream types DDA and SDG.
DDA requires an Intel CPU and the integrated GPU must be enabled even if you’re streaming a moniter that’s connected to a dedicated GPU. It streams at up to 60 FPS with very low latency so it’s ideal for any PC activity including fast-paced gaming.
SDG mode is more widely compatible but özgü a lower frame rate and higher latency so it may not be ideal for certain activities.

Video Types
• Up to 4K resolution
• Standard “flat” videos in all aspect ratios including vertical
• 360° 180° and 3D HSBS/HOU

24 Theaters Included
• 8 indoor
• 6 outdoor
• 6 theaters for different types of 180° and 360° videos
• Empty void
• Full screen
• Camera view-through
• Choose flat screens or curved

Create Your Custom Theater
• Import your own 360° photo to use as the theater environment
• Adjust screen distance and tilt angle of the image

• Subtitles supported in .srt format for local videos.
• Adjust the text size alignment font style color and outline color.

Flexible Head Tracking Options
• 5 different head tracking modes. Cardboard 2 gyroscope options and 2 accelerometer options for phones that don’t have a gyro.
• Use the back camera to simulate full gyro-style tracking without a gyro.
• Manually re-center in any direction at any time or lock the view in place.
• If screen drift is a sorun for your phone you can try the other modes or use auto-center to return to center at a regular interval.
• Use with or without a headset

Controller Support and UI
• Supports game controllers such as XBOX Playstation MOGA mini VR remotes etc.
• Full control of the app without taking off your headset. Click the VR menu using gaze gamepad or screen tap.
• Full touch menu also included

Screen Captures
• Save screenshots from any source to any folder on your device

Quality Options
• Tweak the advanced settings to get the best performance on almost any phone and prevent overheating or excessive battery drain.
• For web streams you can select high or low quality which is useful if you need to limit data usage.

Detailed support documents
• The in-app help screens include common troubleshooting info and links to additional info tutorials related downloads and how to get support.

Paid features Activated
Supported CPUs: Arm64-v8a Only
All ads+Trackers Completely Disabled
Debug Info Removed
Modded by Lunadev

What’s New:
Fixed an issue with the view lock not working while using the Cardboard head tracking mode.
Fixed an issue with re-center not working in Cardboard mode when center speed is set to instant.

The full update history can be found here:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d1k … sp=sharing

This app özgü no advertisements

Home Theater VR v1.3.7.1 [Unlocked] APK – Technical Details

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Home Theater VR v1.3.7.1 [Unlocked] APK Free Download

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